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What makes the best choice for dining options?

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1709 visitor dining reviews approved by a real editor. Each visitor review includes ratings for food, service and ambiance tabulated to give you the overall ratings for restaurants base on the number of restaurant reviews. 549 hand picked Santa Barbara area restaurants searchable by area, price, cuisine and name. Regular updates of new openings and closings to keep you notified and give you the most accurate information possible.

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Blue Agave
Santa Barbara American Restaurants

I have been been to Blue Agave a a total of 3 times. The first two times were ok, but my most recent visit there will be my last. The service was terrible. It took almost 2 hours to for our order to arrive and our server did not check on us during our wait. I finally asked how much longer it would be and she said she was about to check. Being ignored and not treated like a valued guest as we watched others receive their entrees when they had arrived after we had, took away from any of the neat atmosphere I had originally liked about the place. I won't dine there again.

Norton's Pastrami
Santa Barbara Deli Restaurants

Great, juicy food served hot and friendly staff. If you want a special order, just ask. This is the place to go when you want a real meal- it's an East Coast style deli (not low calorie). Sit at the counter and make new friends with a view of the grill or share a table during peak hours. I like to take friends from out of town and we're never disappointed! An excellent, mild deli mustard and pickles are available on each table along with other condiments. I go almost weekly and see many happy repeat customers. Have some fun and order a different entree your first five times, (even though you'll be tempted to get another PLT). You'll be glad you did! See you soon at Norton's for some hot and juicy...

Santa Barbara Italian Restaurants

Palazzio-shame on you for not empowering your servers or managers to make a bad meal experience better. If you are not going to comp something then invite the disgruntled eater back to have another meal and make it right- now you not only have an unhappy customer, but you have also lost my future patronage. Who in the heck mixes fresh clams with smelly old canned clams anyways? We live in SB...there is a whole ocean of clams out there, you need not ruin a dish and moreover---don't tell the customer that no one else has complained...the customer pays your rent, and bad word of mouth is not what you need.

Milk & Honey
Santa Barbara Spanish Restaurants

The food was amazing.. so delicious. I was there one week ago and have been dreaming of it since, so I'll need to go back soon! The service was amazing, they work as a "team", which I think is really smart. The ambiance was really swanky, clean, minimalist, but cozy all at the same time. Paired with great music.. a wonderful little nook of Santa Barbara.

Lettuce B. Frank
Santa Barbara American Restaurants

The Sliders " Mini-Burgers" were awesome!!! Great Service and the Bar Tender " Courtney was Gorgeous!! I'm Happily Married though but get over there....

Petit Valentien
Santa Barbara American Restaurants

Absolutely delicious food, and very friendly service. The waitress actually spent the time to talk to me about wine and food and even my personal life (because I wanted to), it was great, she was very friendly and knowledgeable about wine pairings even. The food is almost haute cuisine status at unbeatable prices for such quality. No complaints here!

Tupelo Junction Cafe
Santa Barbara American Restaurants

One of my favorite places in town to eat. I have been quite a few times now and have never been disappointed. Wonderfully prepared dishes that are both tasty and unique. I had no problems with the serving sizes - the food was so rich it had to be less than a jumbo platter size more often found at lower class restaurants. They have live music every week too, and lovely servers. Both breakfast and dinner menus are excellent (a little small probably because the dishes are original) and not at all too pricey for their quality.

Hungry Cat
Carpinteria Seafood Restaurants

Hungry Cat is the best restaurant in Santa Barbara, hands down. Coming from LA, I've had my fair share of actually upper class restaurants. Pretty much all other fare in Santa Barbara is driven by the tourist industry, and because of such often focuses more on atmosphere or service than food quality. Hungry Cat comes from LA and has the best chefs ever prepare their food. It is a seafood restaurant, so most of the food on the menu is seafood, but they have a really good hamburger for those that dislike the food from the sea. Also they make the best cocktails in town, with all sorts of specialty drinks you can't get anywhere else. Everyone is very friendly and the grill is right in front of the bar, so you can talk with the chef as he cooks your meal for you. It is a high class place so expect to pay more than you would at a Chilis or other cheap restaurants (but its totally worth it if you enjoy good food and drink!).

Paradise Cafe
Santa Barbara American Restaurants

Delicious food with a really home cooked feel to it. Wonderful atmosphere and it would seem it is off the beaten track in Santa Barbara. Great place to stop in for a quick and satisfying bite of lunch.

Santa Barbara Californian Restaurants

Food was not what we expected for the price. The lamb was overcooked and the crispy duck was flavorless and dry. Also had the soup of the day which was very bland, and a veal capriccio which was overall salty from the dress and the raw veal was entirely unnoticeable. The dessert was the only decent thing we had, still not worth the bill at the end though. Not only was the food disappointing, the waiter had no idea what he was talking about when we questioned him about his wine selection. This restaurant seems to be geared to entice people with its fancy atmosphere more than with its food or service, which is not worth the price.

Tupelo Junction Cafe
Santa Barbara American Restaurants

Food was extremely expensive for what we were served. We had a hamburger, veggie pot pie, and a lettuce wedge salad which we shared and the most inexpensive bottle of Chardonnay. Our bill came to $87.00. The pot pie had few veggies and was mostly gravy and crust. Hamburger was served with soggy sweet potatoe fries which were not edible. Worst meal we have had in Santa Barbara in many years. Only one other couple was in the restaurant while we were there.

Santa Barbara American Restaurants

Never got to taste the muffins everyone raves about as they were out. Jake was going around tables as a proud owner yet never came to visit me. The service was lacking as I had to ask for water several times and finally went looking for some. If you like Mexican music coming from the kitchen, this is the place to go. Hope things get better.

Santa Barbara Pizza Restaurants

best Pizza in town.... Great pepperoni and sausage in town. Just don't ask them to change Oprah from the TV. Excellent Mother and daughter team... An Oasis in santa Barbara

Montecito Mexican Restaurants

Understaffed. Poor Management. Great food though.

Cliff's & Co
Santa Barbara American Restaurants

Good food, helpful staff and for pick up or eating in. Their delivery system seems lacking in that it takes almost an hour to receive your food and its typically lukewarm and very moist.

Freebirds World Burrito
Isla Vista Mexican Restaurants


Reynaldo`s Bakery
Carpinteria Mexican Restaurants

There tamales are yummy! They also have good breakfast burritos

Cal Taco
Goleta Mexican Restaurants

Truly an excellent experience not just a food service!

Petit Valentien
Santa Barbara American Restaurants

Wonderful, delicious, fabulous and great service. This one's a keeper Santa Barbara! So good to finally have a great French bistro in town.

Smokin' Jacks BBQ
Carpinteria Barbeque Restaurants

If you are my worst enemy, even if you have caused me great bodily injury, do not eat at Smokin Jacks Kansas City BBQ in Summerland. For the rest of you, heed my warning. I should’ve known something was wrong when my wife and I were the second group in the restaurant. They seated us by the kitchen door because people could see us through the window and the restaurant looked as if it was populated. I ordered by Grilled BBQ Chicken Salad and my wife ordered the Grilled Chicken. The waitress didn’t notice that our water glasses were empty, and even after we asked for water, she didn’t bring it to us. After taking a bite of our Grilled BBQ Chicken Salad, we noticed that it nearly raw inside. We pointed this out to her, and she said that she would give us a “discount” on our food. We thought that the Grilled Chicken was cooked, but we sent it back anyway. Didn’t seem to bother our waitress that our food wasn’t cooked. She brought the food back, but by this time, my wife and I decided that we weren’t going to take chances on this food. I cut into my Grilled Chicken and it was nearly raw. Our waitress seemed more concerned with giving us our $3.00 bill for the root beer that my wife ordered. We told her that we refused to pay for anything. I got pissed at the audacity of these people sending out barely cooked food two times in a row, and how if we weren’t careful, we’d be in the hospital right now. The waitress asked if I felt better because I was raising my voice. Needless to say, I raised my voice again. Clearly, the cook doesn’t know what he’s doing, and the service there is horrific. Go there only if you want the worst dining experience of your life or want a trip to the hospital.

Milk & Honey
Santa Barbara Spanish Restaurants

I've been here a few times now. Its nice to see some fairly authentic tapas bars in Santa Barbara. The only other one I'm aware of is Alcazar, and they serve full entrees as well. Milk & Honey has a great selection of wine, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages to choose from, as well as some really fun little tapas platters. Make sure you get enough to sustain you though- it is just tapas after all.

Dutch Garden
Santa Barbara German Restaurants

A great restaurant if you like pork.

Smokin' Jacks BBQ
Carpinteria Barbeque Restaurants

The worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Montecito Japanese Restaurants

loved the food and service plus got to hear great jazz for free (no cover). Also they have a full bar so my martini went great with the seares tina carpacio

This is the worst place to eat in Santa Barbara/Goleta area. As far as service is concerned, it seems like the wait staff have never waited on tables before. We came as a party of eight, and they brought orders out one at a time, cold, until our order was fulfilled 20 minutes later. If the food wasn't cold it would most likely be marginal. The Ambiance is country western meets cafe. I would save your money, save your time, and go some place else that serves good food.

Amazing, great family place, great all around!

There is one word I can give this restaurant and that is terrible. The service was terrible and it wasn't even busy. We sat down and waited several minutes to be waited on. Finally, someone came and took our order but we then waited for several more minutes just to get our drinks. We should have taken the que and just got up and left but we decided to go ahead and give it a chance. However, others were a bit wiser and when they were not waited on within a reasonable amount of time they walked out. The couple sitting next to us had to ask for their salads after their entree's were already served. My husband's sandwich was cold, as if it had never been heated and I never received the salad I had ordered, although when we got the bill the salad was listed. The food was average at best but the prices were not for average priced food. I could see food sitting at the window to be picked up but it would sit there for several minutes before it was served. A patron and the cook were arguing because he complained about the quality of his meal. If you are looking for great BBQ this is not the place to go. Not only for the reasons I have mentioned above but if the name of your restaurant has the word BBQ in it, you should have more than 2 BBQ dishes on the menu. Having lived most of my life in the Midwest, this was a poor excuse for a BBQ restaurant.

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